The Cure for the Common Paperwork
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HappyDoc is an AI Assistant for Busy Veterinarians

Save time with a trusted AI assistant so you can focus on what matters. It’s a Vet’s Best Friend.

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Two vet clinic staff members work together. They are giving a small dog an exam. One holds an iPad using HappyDoc to listen for notes during the consultation.

A Time-saving AI Tool

that Just Works

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No more extra hours spent on manual note-taking or data entry. HappyDoc takes care of all your clinic's medical records, automatically.
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Why choose HappyDoc?

A veterinarian works with a golden retriever while their mobile device listens, transcribes, and uploads their consultation, resulting in an automatically created S.O.A.P.

Gain a Trusted Personalized Assistant

HappyDoc is an AI assistant note taker catered to the specific needs of your office. With customizable document types and many integrations, rest assured—The information you need files itself, correctly. It’s your own personal assistant.

Keep Your Time Within Office Hours

Say goodbye to time suck and reclaim your nights and weekends. HappyDoc handles tedious administrative tasks so you can focus on what’s most important—your patients. This allows for a more efficient office, and happier staff. Our clients say it’s like regaining an entire workday each week.

A family is shown at home playing with their dog.
A vet technician works with their iPad, completing forms and medical records automatically.

Stay Compliant with Better Records

A medical record is more than just data; it's a testament to your clinic's standards and an essential communication tool for clients. With HappyDoc, ensure your records reflect precision, uniformity, and the highest standards, making them a testament to your commitment to unparalleled care.

It's Easy to Get Started

Setup is a Cinch


Connect HappyDoc to Your PIMS

Easily integrate HappyDoc with your existing vet clinic software and databases.


Train HappyDoc to Understand Your Clinic

Teach HappyDoc about your clinic's unique processes and preferences.


HappyDoc Takes Over the Documentation

Sit back and relax as HappyDoc handles all your documentation needs.

About Us

Happy Staff, Happy Practice, HappyDoc

HappyDoc was created by those near and dear to the veterinary industry. We know vets. They run in our family.

We know that running a veterinary practice often means late nights and weekends, with endless non-billable administrative tasks that come alongside your work. Paperwork and record-keeping is vital to your day-to-day, but it’s not why you got into the industry.

We want to help. With HappyDoc, your clinic's staff will have a personalized AI assistant that listens, takes notes, integrates with your software, and files the data away in the appropriate spot. HappyDoc works alongside you so you can be free to focus on what matters—your patients.

What Customers Are Saying

My doctors were really like...
'I don’t ever want to practice without this again.'

Owner & DVM

[She was] speechless and almost in tears since she is regularly here 3-4 hours past close typing records.

Practice Manager

You will be FLOORED by this. We just started using it 2 weeks ago. It does integrate with Cornerstone. Highly recommend!

Practice Manager

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Reclaim Your Time and

Your Passion

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Are you ready for positive change? We’re here for it. See HappyDoc in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQs to find answers to the most common questions about HappyDoc's AI software.

What is HappyDoc's AI software?

HappyDoc's AI software is a personal assistant for veterinarians and their staff. It eliminates hours of data entry and creates effective documentation for patient records and compliance.

How does it work?

HappyDoc's AI software uses advanced algorithms to analyze data and generate accurate documentation. It learns from user interactions to continuously improve its performance.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, HappyDoc's AI software is designed to be user-friendly. It has an intuitive interface and provides step-by-step guidance for seamless integration into vet clinics.

How can it benefit vets?

HappyDoc's AI software saves vets time and effort by automating administrative tasks. It allows them to focus more on providing quality care to their patients.

Is it secure?

Absolutely. HappyDoc's AI software follows strict security protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of patient data.

What kind of integrations does HappyDoc offer?

HappyDoc integrates with much of the standard software your vet clinic is already using.

Currently, our list of integrations include:
Avimark, Cornerstone, ImproMed, Pulse (eVetPractice), ezyVet, Hippo, Shepherd, Vetspire, and ProVet Cloud. More coming soon!

Still Have Questions?

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